Our warehouse is built of solid brick.

It is 25 feet high, and filled with clean, dry wooden crates that we load your goods into and stack 3 high. Each wooden crate holds about 1 room of furniture, and each crate contains CLEAN DRY FURNITURE PADS to wrap your goods with!

Your household goods are NEVER

stacked up “on the floor,” as in some moving warehouses! Our warehouse crew takes their time to unload your goods from your truck or ours, pad up everything carefully and load EVERYTHING into our wooden storage crates.

Our warehouse in MONITORED

 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK by ADT Security Systems!! We are also monitored every month by Orkin Pest Control, to ENSURE that your goods are NEVER at risk.


to remain MILITARY APPROVED. We are subjected to regular unannounced warehouse inspections. The government’s regulations are strict, and unwavering!


and recorded with THE NAMES OF THE WORKERS who did the padding and crating. This adds to Lafayette’s constant motto of ACCOUNTABILITY and PROFESSIONALISM.

For all 34 YEARS

Lafayette Storage & Moving has been in business at our present location in West Henrietta, we have enjoyed being a MILITARY APPROVED warehouse. Moving our armed forces around the world has always been one of our LARGEST ACCOUNTS!

We WELCOME these inspections

because they allow us to continue servicing the military, and it gives us additional quality standards to uphold as well!

In addition to inspecting

our warehouse, the government inspectors also check up on all of our paperwork, and documentation. These standards have helped improve our overall quality of warehousing services to EVERY ONE of our customers!


  • Whether you drop off a shipment to our dock using your own truck, or, we load your storage shipment FOR YOU from your home with our own truck, our Crew Chief will CAREFULLY INVENTORY every single item.
  • You will then be given your own copies. As long as you agree to CHECK YOUR INVENTORIES OFF at delivery time, Lafayette will be completely accountable for every item on your list!!
  • You will be asked to INSPECT every line of every page of our inventory, and after you agree with all we have written, sign each one.
  • Our inventoried palletized storage system offers you total piece of mind. In addition, if you hire us to load your storage shipment directly from your home, you can inspect and sign our inventory, then never have to leave your home and worry about your goods!

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