We Have 158 Self-Storage Units, located on our Property! Please Call (585) 334-4600 for Storage rental reservations or for more information! In 1990, Lafayette Storage & Moving expanded its base by building EXIT 46 SELF STORAGE, right next to our existing warehouse and office. This addition to our core business of moving and palletized storage, allows us to expand our customer base, and provide SELF STORAGE services as well!


– Discounts for LONG TERM self storage.
– One FREE month after storing with us for 1 year!

We Have

Self storage rooms of ALL SIZES. As small as 5×10 all the way up to as large as 10×30!

Our prices

are extremely favorable in comparison to the FIVE other self storage facilities within a 10 mile radius!! (Call us, then call THEM – you will see what we mean!!!)


for Self Storage when using our MOVING services in or out of your self storage unit!


  • We DO NOT offer 24 hour access.
  • We CLOSE our self storage facility when our moving business is also closed.
  • Exit 46 Self Storage is a QUALIFIED FACILITY of MINICO Self Storage Insurance Company.
  • Our entire moving and self storage business is enclosed by locked fences.


When you rent a self storage unit from us, you will need to provide your own lock. ANY type of lock will work, combination or key. YOU lock it, YOU have access, no one else.

We are allowed to offer

MINICO self storage insurance and they have kept track of any claims our facility has had filed against us. (To date, we are unaware of ANY claims as long as we have been affiliated with MINICO.) We believe in TOTAL SECURITY for Lafayette and Exit 46 Self Storage!

Since Exit 46

Self Storage is only open during regular Lafayette Storage & Moving hours, there is ALWAYS someone from Lafayette's warehouse crew available to help with any problems you may have, and to CHECK UP on the facility regularly!


Drive directly up to your outside unit or to your isle way – every unit is located in the SAME BUILDING.

  • We WELCOME commercial self storage accounts!! We have many small businesses that use our self storage facility to store their products or marketing materials. Since we have our Lafayette warehouse right next door, we are more then happy to receive pallets or cartons via UPS or freight carriers for you, until you have time to organize them into your own self storage unit!!
  • We are located within 3 MILES of U of R and RIT!! Students have been storing their goods for the summer regularly for the entire 12 years we've been open!! Many of them pool together for ONE UNIT, and use it to store all of their goods together. We also provide discounted rates to pick up and drop off student's goods into and out of self storage via Lafayette movers!!

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